Sunday, 11 May 2014



Your love is unconditional
A reservoir in troubled times
Petite and strong willed 
Kind and thoughtful
A gentle soul

Mama is who you are to me
A strong sense of family
A selfless and committed being
The adhesive in our family
Your grace and beauty remains

Despite the years
Early to bed, early to rise
Wise words indeed
Oh, that gentle touch
And your captivating smile

Your encouraging words on those ‘down’ days
And sometimes a smack on the butt in bygone days

Thank you mother
For always being there for us
For your support through difficult times
Though stern at times you are a special and extraordinary woman

On this Mother's Day
Mama, I wish for you GOD's continued blessings
Good health
Happy Mother's Day

Dedicated to Vinette Campbell 
From son Wayne Campbell