Sunday, 25 June 2017


Why am I constantly being overlooked?
Why am I being sidelined?
The system has failed us!
Crafted by those who have schemed and undermined others and have rewarded their corrupt cronies with positions of influence and power!
Where did we go wrong as a society?

Our silence mistaken for consent, 
It was not always like this.
In a bygone time,
one’s level of professionalism was enough.
Truth, commitment to task and respect for all were valued principles,
sufficient to move one up the ranks

Even with their power and position they are like empty shells
Void of any sense of decency and principle
Waiting to be cracked, exposing the rottenness within
They are the products of their own dysfunctional upbringing
They are perplexed and burden with a sense of guilt that cannot be masked forever

If only they would look in the mirror
And see what is looking back at them!
Shame! A most putrid state of affairs
Should I abandon those principles which my mother taught me?
Should I sacrifice my sense of self? Should I deny who I am? 

Why it is that corruption continues to be rewarded in the society
What is going to happen to the society if no one stands up?
History will be our judge.
Why am I writing this?

© Wayne Campbell