Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Establish Teacher Exchange Programme With Other Nations

Over the years much praise has been bestowed upon Jamaica’s education system and its standing in the global community. This fact has been highlighted by the numerous educational institutions which have recruited Jamaican teachers.
Many countries have instituted an exchange programme whereby teachers are given the opportunity to travel and gain immeasurable experience over a specific time period. The time has come for us as a society to at least examine the possibility and probability for the education ministry to engage and consult with various agencies such as embassies, and consulates based in Jamaica.
We need to come to the realization that such an exchange programme can bring much needed benefits to Jamaica in the areas of technology transfer, best teaching practices and cultural exchange. The Jamaican student deserves the very best, especially in this digital and highly competitive community, therefore we must explore and be mindful of every possibility that afforded to us to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Wayne Campbell