Thursday, 5 March 2015

We Must Do More To Protect Our Children

Undoubtedly, Jamaica’s children are at risk. The appalling and horrendous beheading of second form student Kayalicia Simpson of the Donald Quarrie High School clearly reinforces this sad reality which has become common place for many of our children. Ironically, on the day when the nation’s schools were commemorating and celebrating Peace Day the life of this promising fourteen year girl was being snuffed out.
Disturbingly, since the start of the year fifteen children have been brutally murdered. Alarmingly, with each murder of a child the social consciousness and psyche of the society seems unmoved.  A routine has developed we can expect the articulate minority in the society to write a few letters, however, after the dust has settled it will be business as usual. The society clearly needs a spiritual awakening to stem the tide of murders wrecking havoc on the nation’s children. Our children are our most prized possession. We must do much more to protect them and as such safeguard the nation’s future.
Poverty continues to endanger the lives of our children. The children of the poor and working class are at more risk than those children of well to do families.
It is so sad that in a modern age a student had to go outside at 4 am to use a bathroom.
We all have failed our children. May God grant the family of the deceased the strength to carry on during this time of their bereavement.

Wayne Campbell