Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Penile Fractures on the Rise in Jamaica

The construction of Jamaican masculinity is rooted in the male's ability to inflict pain on the female. Sex is oftentimes viewed as a selfish experience for the male with the ultimately object to achieve his orgasm. As a result the female must be subjected to this sadomasochism encounter. Of course if penile fracture occurs during this 'soldering' of flesh then this is secondary. No man wants his woman to talk about how 'soft' he is during the sex act. This lends itself to many men turning to aphrodisiac, for example, the roots tonic wines, with names such as "black stallion"  to ensure their sexual prowess in an effort to 'sort out' their female properly. The popular culture reinforces this warped notion of masculinity and will be with us for a long time to come. The sociocultural nature of the Jamaican society encourages the male to view sex almost as an act of war on the vagina. In many instances the fractures of the penis frequently occurs in acts of infidelity. This usually makes the male reluctant to seek medical attention for his fracture manhood.