Thursday, 3 September 2015

Customer Service

Customer service is an extremely important part of maintaining on-going client relationships. It is critical to foster and maintain a healthy client relationship in order to grow one's revenue. For the most part the Jamaican society has seen a gradually improvement in customer service. However, as consumers we must and should demand more from our service providers in exchange for spending our hard earned cash at their place of business. We tend to forget that the time we wait to be served is also apart of customer service. We should be reminded that as consumers we also determine the quality of consumer service we receive. Too often we do not register our dissatisfaction with poor customer service. We need to register our disgust by boycotting those business establishment which offer customer service. A significant number of our doctors are guilty of this. In too many instances multiple patients are given almost identical appointment times. This practice leads to the frustration of patients. We need to move away from this bad practice. Instead, we should be moving towards a general level of satisfactory consumer service across all our industries.
As consumers we must hold our service providers more accountable and in so doing this will improve customer service. Good consumer service still exists.