Monday, 29 June 2015

Community Safety

The time has come for Jamaican housing developers to include a police post as part of the basic amenities when constructing housing schemes of a particular size. Purchasing a home is arguably the single most expensive investment an individual will make during his/her lifetime. It is quite reasonable to expect some level of security and safety after such an investment.  The recent horror stories of rape and robbery at Longville Park Housing Scheme in Clarendon has once again highlighted how vulnerable and helpless we are as citizens against the scourge of crime and violence in the society.
Additionally, the National Housing Trust (NHT) also has a part to play in ensuring the safety and security of the residents. Many residents of Longville Phase 3 have reported that the NHT constructed the windows of their homes with plastic. According to residents the plastic windows serves as an entry point for criminals to access their homes. We know the society we live in and to have made windows with plastic was not too clever to begin with. We should not cut cost at the expense of one’s safety.  The residents of Longville are asking calling for a perimeter fencing to be constructed around the housing development.
We can only hope that this terrible experience will be a learning moment for all the stakeholders involved.
Wayne Campbell