Wednesday, 31 December 2014


As the year comes to a close many of us will ask where did the time go? Twelve months, three hundred and sixty five days have flown by so quickly. What did you accomplish throughout the year? Did you make an impact in your neck of the woods? Could you have done more? The year was indeed challenging, however, despite the challenges 2014 also provided opportunities. We saw the best and worse of humanity. There were wars, outbreak of diseases such as Ebola and Chikungunya Virus. In spite of that there were opportunities for professional and spiritual growth. The Lord has kept me and I am sure He has protected you and your family as well.
As we pause and look back at the year that was let me wish for you all the very best for 2015. I wish for you a New Year filled with a sense of purpose and clarity of vision. May the year be a safe and blessed one. Take time to recommit yourself to God. Take time out for your family. Remember none of us is an island and we all need the help and support of our another. Let us give a helping hand wherever possible during the New Year.