Friday, 25 July 2014

Nursing- A Career Option For Males

Nursing like all other professions of a nurturing nature continues to be female dominated. According to the US Census Bureau, less than ten (10%) per cent of American registered nurses (RNs) are men. Since its inception fifteen years ago, the Nurse of the Year Award has served to highlight the sterling contribution of nurses to the general well being of the Jamaican society. Lasco, the sponsors of the Nurse of the Year award should be commended for their vision as they continue to lead in being good corporate citizens.
Interestingly, it appears as if our male nurses have stayed away from this competition since no male has ever been awarded this most coveted honour. I am sure we have male nurses in the public health care system. I am also sure our male nurses are as hard working as their female colleagues. It seems a bit strange that in fifteen years of competition not even one male nurse have proven himself worthy to qualify for such an award. Maybe in years to come we will see a male as nurse of the year.  
Nursing is a very challenging profession. There is no praise too great for the unflinching and dedicated service our nurses provide to the society and to humanity. A good nurse is one who is able to soothe the concerns of the patient and cushion their pain even without medication. Let us continue to acknowledge the great work and worth of our nurses.

Wayne Campbell