Sunday, 25 May 2014

Poem-If I Were A Submarine

If I Were A Submarine

If I were a submarine
I would glide across the oceans and the seas,
Occasionally stopping to acknowledge my underwater friends
Cruising from one port to the next.

I would submerge myself deep in the belly of the ocean,
Surfacing only for food, and to see the curious reactions of onlookers and passersby,
Journeying from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans,
From Kingston Harbour to Papua New Guinea.

Searching the bottom of the oceans floor
Exploring that which was once hidden,
Missing airplanes and ships, perhaps
From the Mediterranean to the Adriatic Sea.

Bringing closure to hurting families and friends,
Who thought their nightmare would never end,
Providing them a view of the vast, beautiful and mysterious underwater world.  
I would pack submariners on board in tiny compartments,

For an adventure of a lifetime,
To discover and explore,  while embracing culturally diverse peoples.
A civil submarine that’s what I would be,
No torpedoes or weapons of mass destruction,

Welcoming on board students and all those interested in undersea archaeology.
Off again we go,
Destination unknown,
Looking through my periscope.

By Wayne Campbell