Monday, 12 May 2014

Female Participation in Representational Politics

To a large extent the saying, "it a man's world" holds true for many societies. This patriarchal culture

is widespread especially on the African continent, as well as, in Islamic states. According to the Inter-

Parliamentary Union, which classified 189 countries according to female participation in

representational politics, only two countries Rwanda (63.8%) and Andorra (50%) have at least fifty

per cent participation of women in politics. Sweden is ranked number four at (45%). Grenada is the

highest placed Caribbean country at 28 at (33.3%), Jamaica, despite having a female Prime

Minister is ranked at 107 with (12.7%). Nigeria not surprisingly so is ranked 131 out of the 189

countries listed with (6.7%) female participation in politics.

The Middle East countries of Yemen (0.3%) and Qatar (0%) are at the bottom end of the rankings.

Since women make up at 51% of the worlds population shouldn't it be that they should have a voice

at the highest level of the decision making process?