Monday, 24 March 2014

Poem-We Want Justice

Where is the justice?
One judicial system, yet two different outcomes
One law for the rich and politically connected
The other for the voiceless and marginalized

Is justice for sale?
Going Once
Going Twice
Sold! To the highest bidder

Not guilty!  Despite the glaring evidence
How much are you willing to pay?
How much is your freedom worth to you
Jungle justice everywhere!

Where is the justice?
In this land of ours
For all her people
Why does justice elude some?

Why does social class determine my level of justice?
Why is injustice so pervasive?
A slow and corrupt justice system in need of urgent reform
How many more roads must be blocked, how many more innocent lives will be lost?

When will justice be finally served?
Extra judicial killings on the increase
Police and eye witnesses views differ
Malaise and apathy everywhere

Botched investigations and missing evidence
Where is the justice?
Justice delayed and denied
We demand justice.