Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Green Not Just For Go

In 2013 three hundred and five (305) Jamaicans died from fatal traffic accidents. Of that number eight nine (89) were pedestrians. In addition to the tremendous loss suffered by family and friends as a result of the untimely passing of their loved ones the continued carnage on our roads also rakes up millions of dollars in hospitalization and follow up care of those individuals who were injured in traffic accidents as well. We cannot continue along this path of recklessness on our roads where on average we lose 300 lives yearly.
Our pedestrians are at particular risks on our roads. A pedestrian crossing is any location where the pedestrian leaves the sidewalk and enters the roadway to cross. We are now at a point in our nation’s history where we need to be more creative in using the available mechanisms we have in place to decrease traffic deaths. One such road safety system is our pedestrian crossing. I am proposing a change in colour of our pedestrian crossing from the predominantly white to a more eye- catching colour. We need to move with the times and as such we should be using fluorescent neon colours. Colours such as blue or green would definitely raise the visibility of our pedestrian crossings and in so doing save lives in the process. There have been too many instances where motorists have been driving along only to suddenly come upon a pedestrian crossing.  There is also a need for us to revisit the correct use of pedestrian crossing, it is very clear that too many of our road users are clueless where this is concern.
Historically we have not done a good job at maintaining our physical structures and this fact is borne out in the many faded pedestrian crossings island wide.  Road safety should be everyone’s business and as such every effort should be made to reduce deaths on our roads.
Each life is precious and if one life can be saved from implementing any measure to preserve life then it’s worth the investment of state resources as well as the time and effort.  We all have a responsibility to work towards reducing road fatalities.