Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Devil find work for Idle Hands"

Interestingly, but more so disturbingly, in a year when nature has spared Jamaica from the destruction associated with a hurricane the Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has moved away from its core function to address cosmetic needs. The Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation mission statement unmistakably states the council should meet the local needs of the citizens of Kingston and St. Andrew by providing effective and efficient services to enhance their quality of life. However, recent developments and actions by the municipal council clearly lead one to question whose needs are being met and who are the citizens benefitting from an enhanced quality of life by the work of the KSAC? The KSAC has embarked on the registration of handcarts operators in downtown Kingston. According to the KSAC some 500 handcarts owners have registered to that. This initiative is aimed at regularizing hand cart operators across the city. Seriously!! Clearly, the KSAC needs to be reminded about the proliferation of sidewalk garages across the city. What about the needs of those of us, who pay property taxes, should we not have the right of easy access to and from our premises without being blocked and inconvenienced by uncaring and thoughtless motorists?
Has the KSAC forgotten about the many drains and gullies needs cleaning across the city or must we wait until a hurricane threatens? What about the mosquitoes nuisance across the city? Is there even a mosquitoes eradication programme?   
What about the numerous unregulated morgues and hair dressing parlours across the city?
Where are the effective and efficient services that your mission statement speaks of KSAC? Are these services only for one section of the citizenry in the corporate area?
For the most part living in Kingston and some parts of St. Andrew is characterized by social decay and unregulated planning. Yet for reasons which I don’t understand the KSAC has turned a blind eye to the obvious. There is a tendency for us in the society to find trivial matters to address in order to attract media attention while ignoring the elephant in the room.  The time has long passed KSAC for you to return to your core mandate! Get to work!   
Wayne Campbell